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Dear Twitter: I laugh at your 140 character limit!

I love a good hack as much as the next guy, and it just hit me that there is an incredibly easy way to get around Twitter's 140 character limit without worrying about 3rd party apps, software, or "Con't" tweets.

Have you ever noticed that Twitter will automatically use their own Twitter URL shortener for your links? Even though you may or may not have used your own like Bitly or who-am-I-kidding-you're-probably-using-Bitly-and-if-not-why-aren't-you-using-Bitly???

Let's say we go with:

Now, we both know that this won't work, and YouTube is going to think you're fit for the looney bin, but we've just stuffed a ton of characters into a link that will be shortened automatically by twitter because it is a part of a YouTube link.

Here's what it looks like on Twitter:

Here's another method, by using Google Search with a ridiculous query and then shortening using Bitly (because you're using Bitly of course):

So stop listening to the MAN, and start posting more than 140 characters, dudes,


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