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Domain Sale! I’ve got a couple great domains for sale!

Thanks for dropping by, I know there aren't many posts here, but that will change in the near future as I get back into the habit of blogging weekly about coding, UI/UX, and other tech tips and tricks. In the meantime, if you are looking for a couple great domain names for a new startup or for your own personal blog, check the following ones out!

All of the ideas you read about here are free for you to use, with or without the domain names here. I only ask that you help me out and help yourself out by buying these domains if you are going to implement any of these ideas. Just let me know in an email that you liked the ideas and we can negotiate a reasonable price on the domain for the both of us!

Click Through For Some Great Domain Names and Descriptions! - This was originally going to be an herbal supplement for enhancing lucid dreaming (check out Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs if you don't believe there's a market for this!). I also have the Twitter handle, @LucidOTC, for this one and will pass it along if it is sold. - The plan was for a new kind of file-sharing site where the focus wasn't on user-to-user interactions, but more business-to-audience interactions. A tool to give larger (or smaller) companies more control over distributing files such as PDFs of new eBooks or guides and MP3s of new releases or podcasts. Think of "First 100 downloaders to hit this link get the new MP3 single for free!" - I tested out some ideas for making the largest dog crate on the market for the larger breed dogs, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds, etc. I just didn't have the time to dedicate to this muse despite how promising it looked. This could also be used for a shipping company, a furniture company that sources their materials responsibly from old crates, or a tech company based on storage and file-sharing. I have a Twitter handle, @GreatestCrates, for this one. - Some of my friends wanted to put together an HR portal/management SaaS webapp together, but the team just didn't hold together due to all of our other projects and life. This would be a great service app that works similar to how Health Tap works by managing each user's info, and maybe even be a business or enterprise app for medical companies and hospitals to manage appointments, reminders, patient info, etc. - This would be along the same lines as MedHelm but more generic (in the sense that it would be for any company, not just medical related). The focus would also be more on managing applicants, contractors, help wanted, classifieds, etc. We wanted to start a fully customizable, hosted classified service that companies could pay for (much like or and have their /jobs or jobs.domain URL point to the hosted service in such a way as that the user would never suspect that they were on another company's website. The app would also keep track of each applicant in the process of hiring, paperwork needed, reminders, interviews, etc. Lots of analytics could be baked in to help empower smaller companies who can't afford to roll-their-own or even pay the exorbitant fees that and charge. - Another take and mix of RecruitEm and MedHelm. - Smashing the words Recruit and Them together to get rid of one of those "T"s in the middle. Same idea as RecruitEm - This could be purposed into a motivational blog or for a service that focuses on encouraging, reminding, and motivating people. Whether the focus is on dieting, exercise, fitness, mental health, etc. this would be an awesome site to have for a service like that. - I love this domain name. I wish I could've gotten DreamerLabs, but I love the spelling of Dreemr even more than the other one, especially since it is memorable and searchable, more than Dreamer Labs... I was going to use this as a personal business website, so I had some wonderful graphics made for company logos on 99designs which you can see below. The images and the Twitter handle, @dreemrlabs, will be included in the sale of this domain, so it is a great deal considering you can go straight from nothing to great domain and design in no seconds flat! - I'm not sure why I bought this one... I guess I was planning on starting up a little tongue-in-cheek blog about "Acting Out" but after I thought about it more, this would be a great domain for an acting product like videos or blogging regarding the art of acting!

I also have a couple of blogs a la - No materials have been posted here yet, but keep your eyes open for content here! I'm kind of fond of this domain, so the offer must be right before I sell this one. - The same goes for this site, I've already been posting here for a couple weeks, and the offer for this domain would have to be pretty good to let it go. It has great potential for driving traffic to affiliate links related to cowboy, western, and Texas inspired items like boots, hats, shirts, accessories, foods, etc.

Please contact me in the comments or by email (me at carterbailey dot com) if you have any questions about the sale of these domains. They can all be located on and if you go to those sites they will have links over to the purchase page on Sedo.

Thanks! and I'll see you next time!

Carter Bailey


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