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Google Adsense: How the F#$& do I get daily email reports?

Posted by Carter Bailey

Maybe I missed orientation day or whatever training there was for the more advanced Adsense tips and tricks, but I was getting tired of going to my Adsense profile every day just to look at some dismally small numbers of ads served, virtually zero ad clicks, and a big goose egg for daily ad revenue.

So here is how to setup daily (or any other frequency) email performance reports on the newer Adsense accounts. If you have URL channels setup correctly, this is much easier as you can group by those to see how each website is performing. Let me know in the comments if a short tutorial on setting up URL channels would be helpful.

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Domain Sale! I’ve got a couple great domains for sale!

Posted by Carter Bailey

Thanks for dropping by, I know there aren't many posts here, but that will change in the near future as I get back into the habit of blogging weekly about coding, UI/UX, and other tech tips and tricks. In the meantime, if you are looking for a couple great domain names for a new startup or for your own personal blog, check the following ones out!

All of the ideas you read about here are free for you to use, with or without the domain names here. I only ask that you help me out and help yourself out by buying these domains if you are going to implement any of these ideas. Just let me know in an email that you liked the ideas and we can negotiate a reasonable price on the domain for the both of us!

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